Secure ink

Globalisation and the Internet have led to a growth in counterfeiting and diversion of products away from authorised distribution channels into unregulated grey markets.

Our security solutions enable high-speed security marking and authentication of products in a range of market sectors such as banknotes, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, electronics and automotive and aeronautical spare parts.

Wessex Technology low-light colour scanners allow precise colour detection of high-security inks for high-speed, secure authentication and print verification of products, packaging and documents. Our software systems, combined with authentication devices, give brand owners the visibility to track and monitor individual products across the supply chain.

The luminescent image of the 20 Euro banknote was scanned at 3.5 meters per second using our MOS125 low-light colour scanner. The fluorescent threads randomly distributed in the banknote paper show up in their different colours - these allow a document to be identified as a unique entity for the life of the document. Patent applications are in process to protect this technology.

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