Wessex Technology's unrivalled engineering capability is based on its use of proprietary high-performance camera technology and image analysis software in its products. Wessex Technology has complete control over the detailed design of all parts of the system including the lens, illumination, camera, computer, user interface, electronics and analysis software. Systems can be optimised for all types of postal barcodes and inks and designed for integration with existing equipment.

Most of the readers supplied are bought by mail administrations that need to improve existing sorters, either adding new processes or extending the life of older equipment. Each sorter is different, the interfaces and mechanical characteristics of our readers sometimes have to be adapted to suit a particular machine.

In addition to standard products for barcode reading and double-feed detection, Wessex Technology can offer customised vision systems to meet special requirments.

By listening to its customers and understanding their needs, Wessex Technology provides appropriate, cost-effective, reliable solutions.


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