Postal products

In today’s competitive markets, postal services are faced with faster turnaround times and narrower processing windows. Speed and reliability of processing equipment is critical to meet mandated levels of customer service and delivery performance.

Postal administrations and mail sorter manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia use Wessex Technology postal solutions.  Our equipment is in use in the UK’s Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, the United States Postal Service and the postal services of Norway, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.

Our postal solutions, comprising postal barcode reading, double-feed detection and offline quality assurance, are designed for short payback, high performance and long-term reliability. All of our on-line readers run at mail speeds of over four metres per second and ensure high sorter throughput. All of our readers are designed to give high performance on a range of mail substrates and colours. This technical capability keeps mail in the automation mail stream, reducing the cost and delay of hand sorting.

Wessex Technology is also able to support bespoke customer requirements through customisation and ensure on-going support to its customers.



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