We are always looking for talented individuals with the commitment, energy and drive to fulfil a variety of roles throughout the organization. 


Job Opportunities

We are currently hiring software engineers to strengthen our Countermark development team. We are looking for people that can contribute to the development process, with skills in high performance image analysis, application design, coding or test. Our primary development environment is Visual Studio/c++. Experience of developing multi-threaded real-time applications in this environment is important, experience of MISRA c++ compliant coding, SQL, Android and iPhone development environments would be useful.


To Apply

To apply for any role at Wessex Technology please forward your CV with a covering letter explaining why you are suitable for the role and your salary expectations.  Please forward your CV in pdf or plain text format with any supporting information to


Please note that we seldom use search/recruitment agencies and only CVs sent direct from candidates will be filed and/or responded to.  Unsolicited correspondence from recruitment agencies will be opened and rejected.


Contact us at:

Unit 16, Somerset House
Hussar Court
Westside View
PO7 7SG   UK

Tel: +44 2392 265 109



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