Ethical policy

Ethical business practice is one of the guiding principles of Wessex Technology.  Our vision is to be the supplier of choice by understanding our customers and their aims and challenges and to provide competitive solutions using our knowledge of software, optics and scanning technology.

Like any company we aim to make a profit which allows us to develop products and to continue to invest, however we decline military uses of our technology and do not participate in projects within the environmentally damaging industries such as mining or other industries where, in the judgment of Wessex Technology, there are adverse environmental consequences.

We aim to employ the best people that we can and employ people based only on their ability to do the job required and not on the basis of their age, sex, creed, race or beliefs.

Wessex believes in being fair and trustworthy in all its dealings and when we purchase goods and services it is our policy to pay our suppliers on time.


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